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This is my first blog post..so let it be about ma much awaited one.. its about my most fav male artists getting together..PRITHVIRAJ SUKUMARAN ,KARTHICK& ABHISHEK..yeah..!!its about mani's much much awaited epic based film "RAVANA"..

Well, here is how the characters of Mani Ratnam’s (Tamil version) film match with those of Ramayan from my knowledge:
Aishwarya Rai – Sita;
Prithviraj – Ram;
Vikram – Ravana;
Priyamani – Shoorpanaka;
Prabhu – Vibheeshan;
Karthik – Hanuman..

It is unknown what role Mani Ratnam has given his wife Suhasini, who is also said to be acting in his film!
But please do not expect mythological Hanuman’s superhero physical strength in Karthik’s character; Karthik will play an extremely humble and compassionate forest officer who goes out of his way to help the hero of the film – just like Hanuman of Ramayan took so much pain to help Ram..

According to reports, the story of the film goes like this:
Ash(Sita) is Prithviraj's(ram) wife.Vikram's(ravana,Abhishek in Hindi) sister gets publicly disgraced by Prithviraj..

To take revenge, a fuming Prithviraj(Abhishek) enters Vikram’s house. But he doesn't find Vikram there.

Wishing to teach him a lesson, Vikram(Abhishek) kidnaps Prithviraj's wife, which is played by Aishwarya Rai.

Vikram(Abhishek) knows that police was chasing him, so he hides in the nearby jungle.

And here the story takes ‘U’ turn, when both Vikram(Abhi)-Ash fall in love.
[Anga ..Angadhaan namma mani TWISTa vekkiraaru..]

But it's Vikram(Abhi)-Ash's love situation that takes story to a different level..

Dev falls in love with Ragini, a spunky classical dancer who is as unconventional as him. They get married and he takes up his new post in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India.

A town were the world of law is not the police but Beera, a tribal who has, over the years, shifted the power equation of the place from the ruling to the have-nots of the area. Dev knows that the key to bringing order to any place is to vanquish the big fist; in this case- Beera. In one stroke Dev manages to rip open Beera`s world, and set in motion a chain of events which will claim lives, change fortunes, Beera, injured but enraged hits back starting a battle that draws. Dev, Beera and Ragini into the jungle. The jungle which is dense, confusing, scary. And in this journey they must confront their own truth. A journey which will test their beliefs, convictions and emotions. Emotions which are as scary and confusing as the forest. The forest becomes the battleground. The battle between good and evil, between Dev and Beera, between Ram and Raavan. But when the lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast whose side will you take. When hate turns to love and the good starts looking evil which side will you battle for? Love is a battle that nobody wins but everyone must fight. Even this Raavan..

Finalised date of film release:18 th JUNE,2010..

WILL BE UPdated....Publish Post

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