Monday, March 15, 2010


I hv found this puzzle in most of the symposia's puzzle contest..

         U S A
 (+)U S S R
  P E A C E       If each of the alphabets represent an unique digit,
---------------       and the front digit is not zero, find their values..

NOTE: the max carry tat can be produced by adding two single digit nos is 1
  •  The value of P is obviously 1..
  • The value of E is 0(9+1=10) and 1 goes as carry..
  • considering the one's column(A+R=E),as E is 0,A+R must be 10 and the carry s forwarded to ten's column..
  • now trial n error and backtracking starts..
  • lets try in order from one's column..                                                                                              A+R=10..lets try in numerical order..since 1 is in use,lemme assume A=2 and obviously R=8..
  • and let me go on with my assumption in ten's column too,and try with S=3(as 1,2 r in use)..
  • this gives 1+3+3=7.and C becomes 7 form our assumption..
  • continuing in 100's column,U(9)+S(3)=>12..which shows  and carry=1 ,A=2.this coincides with our assuption..
  • in 1000's column,1+U(9)=10,showing E=0 and P=1 ,shows our assumptions ars perfect..

            9  3  2
  +   9  3   3  8
    1 0   2  7  0

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