Sunday, June 6, 2010

COMPLAINTS ON MY DAD(No way i gonna declare this to him.. I guess tats y i poster here.. !!)

       If u can make it atleast to the middle of this post,you will get to know why i chose to write on such a topic.. As of now.. let me tell you few  things.. 

A Father:
When I typed the word FATHER and hit the button, wikipedia confirmed the same thing what all other definitions said.. well mostly.. A Father is a Male Parent of an Offspring. Let me tell you, having experienced daughterhood for almost 20 years, I can say, he is way more than that.. Really.. I don't think he is a part of one's entry into this planet, he somehow manages to be your superhero.. well, at least when you have not learnt to talk much. If anybody at anytime have praised your appearance, nature, knowledge, intelligence, mannerism, behavior or personality, believe me people, this guy has contributed to it much.. 

  Clearly saying,
     MYSELF  = 40% of my father+
                        10% of my mother+
                        15% of my best and dynamic teachers+
                        35% of the people who inspired me by their
                                           behaviour(even this can be classified as
                                 25% of crazydudes and 10% of cultured girls )  +
                       10% of my circumstances..
      This percentage of circumstance  might exceed that 10%  depending upon how worse the situation is, by       borrowing the %s from other things mentioned..ha..
       This composition would clearly tell you that nearly half of myself is my dad..This would be the same for all of you..but ,the ratio might slightly vary..
         But you must kindly note that the rest of  my 50% does never contain even a single molecule of him..
   thats why ,here i am..
  I guess ,while reading the following stuffs,you too would surely relate it to your life..And here we go....

My father has a part time job and tats me:

  •  Having just one family to care for ,this man doesnt have  time to spend with them..
  •  He rarely attends the call,whenever my mom rings to his office saying he was busy with dealing cutomers but he do never does this for customers calling home..
I guess,my dad  is busier than  Obama:
  •   Even the man with the highest post on the earth(Obama) manages his time to spend with his family but never does my dad..
  •   When i happened to hear Obama playing football ,i doubted if a Bank manager post wud have more tedious and more tasks than President of US ??!Thats why the above heading..

     Strict officer:
  •  In my village,i have noticed the people approaching my grandpa for solvin the rivals among them..but being his son has never given a correct result for the rival b/w me and my brother (has always been partial)..
  •    During my childhood, he had always been strict towards me in teaching maths , and behaved as if he was a legendry mathematician,but he has never correctly calculated what i always longed for ..

  •   He always says he has grown us(me,bro) as his frnds,but if i start saying "in my class we wud otify this gal wit this guy..", the stare he makes at me itself  wud throw me outta the room..and sometimes even to the toilet..
  • He used to tell lots of stories when i was a child, but you know ,even now he tells lots of stories but for justifying he is busy..
  • I always cursed   that bloody orange colored "ECONOMIC TIMES" because he does all his smiles,laughs,sometimes even brushings and eatings infront of that..

            Hence,our suggestion to all the dads is that ,after your 50s,if u leisurely look back at ur own life,i swear,you will not have anything to cherish at,except  being happy for the well settlement of your son and daughter..Since,afterall,itsone life and you can never rewind it..Think on it...

                               Folks, do comment on what u feel..
See u in next post..

                                                           (Review: Monisha Ram)


  1. Whoaa!! baby.. i din expect u to cover ma name.. but don forget abt royalty.. :D

  2. Wish ur dad understands ur feelings :)

  3. @mons :sure sure:)
    @elviya: hope he :)